Dear Colleague,

On behalf of The Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland, I would like to extend a welcome to the 16th Conference of the European Council for High Ability to be held in Dublin in 2018. This event is intended to be an exceptional networking opportunity for educators, researchers, psychologists, teachers, parents and the highly able themselves to promote the exchange of information among people interested in this field.

Although a small country, our traditions of looking outward and of transcontinental migration have helped create a world where the Irish diaspora are found everywhere. Our location, between Europe and America, and our traditions combine to produce a land that is accessible, welcoming, and a pleasure to visit. We expect that for many this will be a first visit to Ireland, while for others it will be an opportunity to return home. There will also be a significant number who, though of Irish ancestry, have never visited our shores. To all delegates and partners, whether this is a first visit, a homecoming, or in a sense both of these, we can offer a venue to exceed your expectations.

A visit to Dublin offers a chance to see other parts of the country too. Ireland is simply one of the world’s best travel destinations. A landscape of stunning beauty, with a deep cultural and literary history, and a warm and welcoming people have combined to earn us this reputation. A social program can thus be guaranteed that will meet the highest standards. Cooperation with this bid has been secured from our tourist boards, airlines, universities and sporting bodies. Strong political support has been assured us at local and national level. All of these factors combine to make Dublin the optimal choice.

CTY Ireland was established at Dublin City University in 1992 to meet the needs of high ability students aged 6 to 17 years from Ireland and abroad. Since the first summer programme in 1993 over 55,000 students have attended or participated in programmes run by CTY Ireland. We have a rich tradition in the field of gifted education and our affiliation with ECHA dates back over 25 years. As the current secretary of ECHA I promise to work hard to ensure that we continue the wonderful tradition of ECHA conferences and I hope to see you here in Aug 2018.

Dr. Colm O’Reilly
CTY Ireland
Dublin City University